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Tin Star Marquee  
Alien Syndrome Marquee  
Crazy Climber Upright Marquee  
Bucky O'Hare Translight Marquee  
Wild Western Marquee  
Altered Beast Marquee  
Pengo Marquee Version 2  
Pengo Marquee Version 1  
Championship Sprint Translight Marquee*  
Peter PackRat Translight Marquee*  
Return of The Jedi Translight Marquee*  
Crystal Castles Marquee*  
Rampart Marquee  
Spy Hunter Cockpit Boat Marquee  
Marble Madness Translight Marquee*  
Smash TV Marquee  
Terminator 2 Marquee T2  
Mad Planets Marquee  
Indiana Jones Temple of Doom Translight Marquee*  
Spy Hunter Cockpit Car Marquee Glass  
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