Mad Planets Stencil

  • Premium Low tack removable durable vinyl
  • One Time use only
  • Complete 4 piece cabinet set
  • New Easy Lift® pre-mask
  • Paint not included
This Stencil is brought to you Courtesy of prOk
We couldn't have done this without the cooperation & generosity of GameStencils for providing us the most accurate stencils to help everyone restore these games.

Price: $150.00

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This product can be Ordered to be made without any upfront payment. Please Use  Order Now, Pay Later button when checking out.

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Turn around times can vary due to the items ordered and # of orders in house. Custom sizing may require a deposit and you can cancel the entire order at any time.



Why use our stencils?
This Old Game's Pro Stencils Kits include everything needed to get the job done right and accurately the first time.
Our new exclusive Pro Kits include: premium transparent stencil vinyl to help see through previously painted color(s),
instructions,application squeegee, paint codes and new and improved Easy Lift® masking.
Why vinyl decal when you can Stencil?
Because that is how they were originally done.
A freshly stenciled painted cabinet will look more original and lasts longer than any vinyl inkjet


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